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The Roadmap of a Personal Injury Claim

I am often asked by my clients what they are to expect during the course of their personal injury claim. Regardless of whether the claim involves a car, truck, or motorcycle accident, a trip/slip and fall, or an animal/dog attack, the roadmap for every type of personal injury claim is generally the same, with little exception (see Auto Accidents, Premises Liability, and Dog bites/Injuries). Upon retaining our personal injury claim lawyer, we will contact the insurance company and notify them of our representation. This puts them on notice that you have an attorney and that they cannot contact you directly. We then conduct further investigation into the identity of all parties who may be responsible for your injuries. We analyze the circumstances of the accident and start formulating our approach to the insurance company when it becomes time to settle. If necesary, we contact the appropriate medical providers to ensure you are getting the best medical attention possible. We continually check in on you to see how you are progressing in your treatment and how your prognosis looks. Once you are done treating and are discharged from your medical providers, we gather all relevant medical records, bills and reports, and related documentation (such as photos of your injuries, property damage and accident scene) and submit a demand package to the insurance company. We then open discussions with the insurance company in an attempt to negotiate the largest settlement possible for you. Should the insurance company be unwilling to be reasonable in their efforts to settle the claim, and no settlement is achieved, we then discuss with you the option of pursuing the at-fault party through litigation. Should this be the road on which you wish to travel, we will file the lawsuit, serve the defendant(s), conduct discovery, and represent you at trial. It is very rare that litigation has to be commenced against the at-fault party, but sometimes this is the only way the insurance company will open its eyes and realize your claim for personal injuries is to be taken seriously. Ultimately, you can rest assured knowing that The Steven Dhillon Law Firm represents your interests from start to finish in order to obtain the compensation you deserve. All you are expected to do during the course of your claim is to get the treatment you need to resolve your injuries and stay in contact with us. We will handle everything else.

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