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On April 20, 2024, shortly after 9:00 PM, a tram at Universal Studios Hollywood unexpectedly accelerated to speeds estimated at 20-25 MPH during a downhill portion of the Tram Tour, resulting in a hard collision with a guard-rail. Occupants screamed as the tram accelerated prior to striking the rail and ejecting riders onto the pavement below. The cause of the collision is being investigated at this time, though there has been speculation the tram's brakes failed. Whether the the collision was from mechanical failure or human error, a scary truth was revealed in this accident:

Universal Studios Hollywood needs to drastically change the security features of their tram ride.

Approximately a dozen individuals were transported from the scene to local hospitals for a wide range of injuries. Three of my clients were seated in the front row of the fourth car of the tram; the fourth tram car collided with the guard rail. In front of the first row is a plexiglass wall. At the time of the collision, my client's body was propelled into that wall and her head slammed against the plexiglass so violently, it caused the glass to crack (below are exclusive photos of the impact to the glass, not yet seen by the public). Security plexiglass does not break with a minor bump. My client woke with severe vomiting, disorientation, loss of memory, confusion, headaches, inability to find words, and dizziness. She was taken to the ER, underwent a brain scan and other testing and was diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury with a portion specifically being watched for leaking blood. She is now undergoing medical care with a team of brain and spine specialists. Another client suffered injuries to his neck, back, shoulder, knee and ankle. He was transported and discharged from the ER and is now undergoing treatment with a variety of doctors. A third client, a minor, was also involved and suffered bodily bruising and soft tissue injuries for which she is currently undergoing treatment. Apart from the serious injuries my clients sustained, there are reports of an individual who was knocked unconscious and bloodied when she was ejected from the tram.

Immediately following this unfortunate event, Universal Studios was quick to release a statement downplaying the severity of the accident, indicating there were only minor injuries. As various news reports indicate, many people were thrown out of the tram at the time of impact. The impact was so strong, the force of the bodies hitting the metal barriers caused the barrier to pry open like a sardine can, propelling everyone to the pavement below. Below are additional photos demonstrating the force of the impact in causing the metal barriers to dramatically bend.

My clients have no intention of suing Universal Studios. I believe all matters can be resolved without burdening our court system. Lawsuits are always a last option and I do not file lawsuits simply for the sake of filing. However, with a 100% litigation success rate on dozens of lawsuits filed over the years, I will not hesitate to file a lawsuit if Universal Studios fails to take accountability for this accident. It is our hope Universal Studios immediately does the following:

(1) Release a statement indicating this was not a minor accident with minor injuries; (2) Provide the public with the full findings of their crash investigation; (3) Cease the operation of the Tram Tour until additional safety measures can be implemented; (4) install seat belts on all tram seats, (5) install speed governors on all trams and (6) redesign/reinstall better safety barriers that will keep patrons inside of the tram should it ever again be involved in a collision.

The safety of the guests should be of the top priority to any theme park. Implementing these relatively low-cost changes will ensure similar accidents do not occur in the future, and if they do, riders will be better-equipped to prevent injury.

These requests have been sent to Universal Studios. I will update this page when I hear back from Universal Studios regarding their response to these requests and what actions, if any, they will take in light of this very serious accident.


Universal Studios Hollywood Tram damage - Steven Dhillon Law Firm 1
Universal Studios Hollywood Tram Damage - Steven Dhillon Law Firm 2
Universal Studios Hollywood tram window glass damage crack break 1 - Steven Dhillon Law Firm
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