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Medical Liens: A Primer

Often times individuals who suffered personal injuries following a car accident, trucking collision, or motorcycle crash obtain medical treatment on what is called a “lien.” This is common when the accident victim is medically uninsured. Obtaining medical treatment on a lien means the personal injury victim is not obligated to pay anything to the treating physician/provider until their case concludes. The medical provider is willing to hold-off on collecting payment upfront, and during the course of treatment, but expects to be paid for his/her services upon the case’s completion. This option is very important (and often times necessary) for individuals who do not have medical insurance or could not otherwise obtain medical treatment without it. Medical providers who conduct treatment on liens are found in every corner of the medical profession. From chiropractors and physical therapists to orthopedic and brain surgeons, top quality medical providers provide their services on a lien, regardless of the medical treatment needed. Many of these professionals focus their practices on personal injuries stemming from car accidents, slip and falls, dog bites, trucking accidents, and catastrophic brain and spine injuries. It’s always best to be cared for by a medical provider who is most familiar with your type of injury and the cause of your injury. Following an accident in which you are injured, the best care you can receive is from someone who has extensive experience in accident-related treatment because they will be able to identify all avenues of treatment depending on the nature of the injury and how your particular accident will have an impact on future conditions you may have. Additionally, obtaining medical treatment on a lien from a doctor experienced in the treatment of personal injuries stemming from accidents will benefit the victim if the case proceeds to trial because it cannot settle at the appropriate value (see What’s the Value of a Personal Injury Claim? and The Roadmap of a Personal Injury Claim). Furthermore, many of these medical providers, along with your personal injury lawyer, handle payment of their bills through your or the at-fault party’s “med-pay” coverage (if applicable), so that’s one less thing you’ll have to worry about while obtaining treatment. (see Med Pay Coverage for additional information). Lastly, obtaining treatment on a lien, as opposed to obtaining it through one’s health insurance carrier eliminates the need to deal with or worry about the health insurance carrier seeking reimbursement of their payments for the accident victim’s treatments (see Medical Payment Reimbursement – Contractual Obligations You Need to Know). Our personal injury attorney will ensure you are set up with competent and compassionate medical providers who will treat your injuries on a lien, should you need this option for your treatment.

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