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The Steven Dhillon Law Firm aggressively represents victims of personal injury accidents including, car accidents, motorcycle accidents, biking accidents, trucking accidents, dog bites, animal attacks, slip and falls, trip and falls, wrongful death and brain & spine injuries. Our office is conveniently located off the 101 Freeway in the city of Westlake Village, serving the entire state of California including Oxnard, Calabasas, Agoura Hills and San Fernando

Personal Injury Attorney

After a serious accident, victims often feel depressed, scared and uncertain as to whether they’ll be properly provided for by the injuring party. The goal of intimidating insurance companies is to minimize your compensation. Don’t let them take advantage of you or your loved ones. The personal injury attorneys at the Steven Dhillon Law Firm will focus only on your interests and will aggressively pursue all responsible parties in order to maximize your recovery. We ensure our clients of California including Oxnard, Calabasas, Agoura Hills and San Fernando are given maximum compensation for all past and future out-of-pocket expenses, emotional and physical pain and suffering, lost wages and any additional damages resulting from their accident. Stress and anxiety about whether your interests are being protected should not be part of the recovery process.

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In a previous post, we discussed important California laws related to the operation of a bicycle on streets and highways. These laws were designed to minimize the occurrence of bike-related accidents (see Riding a Bicycle on California Street?...

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In a previous blog post (see Pre-Existing Injuries in a Personal Injury Claim) the 'thin-skulled' plaintiff (otherwise known as the 'egg-shell' victim) was identified as an individual who, because of a unique medical condition or fragile body,...

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Pre-Existing Injuries: Jury Instructions and Case Law

Following a car accident, motorcycle crash, trucking ('big-rig') accident or other personal injury, it is of utmost importance for the injury victim to provide to his/her lawyer full disclosure of any and all pre-existing injuries, complaints...

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Asserting the Rescue Doctrine After an Accident

In California, the law provides a certain level of protection (in the form of a cause of action) for an individual who is injured while attempting to save, rescue or assist another individual who was injured in a car accident, trucking crash,...

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