Thousand Oaks Personal Injury Attorney

Thousand oaks is a city within Ventura County with a population of approximately 128,000 people in 2012 and is the second most populous city in the county. It sits adjacent to Westlake Village and is part of the Conejo Valley.

Back in 1998, because of the occurrence of a car accident roughly once every two weeks at the intersection of Moorpark road and Hillcrest Drive, Thousand Oaks was given recognition as having the most dangerous intersection in all of Ventura County. In 2011, Thousand Oaks had 527 injury car accidents, and of those, 43 involved the consumption of alcohol. There were 17 accidents involving motorcycles in Thousand Oaks during this year. Of all accidents, there were nearly twice as many bicycle-related accidents as there were motorcycle crashes, with 33. For bike-related accidents involving a minor under the age of 15, there were a total of 5 such accidents. Highway 101, the most dangerous highway in Ventura county, passes through Thousand Oaks.

Thousand Oaks Personal Injury Attorney

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